New Music! Summer 2015!

New CD from Ronnie Freeman to be released on iTunes in August 2015!  

Watch the video below for details!

It’s been a long time since we have updated this site.  Since August of 2013, Ronnie Freeman and his family have been living in Potsdam, Germany serving a newly founded church called, Mittendrin. When he moved to Germany, Ronnie wasn’t sure when he might have another opportunity to write and record music. Last summer, he began feeling God challenging him to believe that he had more songs to write, sing and perform. He had no tangible resources, but he believed God was leading him to move forward. Through the outrageous generosity of many sponsors, Ronnie is releasing his latest CD project called, Paradise, in August 2015. This unique group of songs were inspired directly from his experiences during our last 2 years in Germany. A second CD project called, Rest, featuring the same songs, but in an acoustic piano/vocal genre will be simultaneously released.

Ronnie believes that music is truly a gift from God.  It is a bridge; a connecting point, to our souls.  It joins our hearts to God and to each other, in intangible and highly spiritual ways.  He is  grateful to be able use this gift to encourage others as well as himself!  He hopes that through this music, the peace of the love of God will reach the hearts of many, many people.   Look for the upcoming release on iTunes August 2015!

Currently, Ronnie and his family are at the JH Ranch serving for their 15th summer!  They will be back in Potsdam, Germany in late August for a minimum of one more year.  To read more about the Freeman Family in Germany, please visit:

**Stay tuned as we continue to over-haul this site with the new “Paradise” theme!